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World Class Championship Wrestling
World Class Championship Wrestling
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January 1966


Dallas, Texas



Management information
Current owner(s):

Dusty Rhodes

Current booker:

Dustin Rhodes


WCCW has been the top dog of the NWA since Memphis Championship Wrestling lost popularity in the mid 1990's. While both federations are distinctively southern, WCCW entices more fans through its cast of gritty southern wrestlers providing unrelenting brutality. Every week on Ignition, people are busted open, struck with weapons and simply beaten to a bloody pulp in a way that the TWE's sports entertainment can't come close to emulate. On a recent episode of Championship Wrestling on ESPN, Cactus Jack and Abdullah the Butcher assaulted sixty-three year old Terry Funk with forks and barbed wire in a sickening assault that left Funk face down in a pool of his own blood. WCCW's audience is so used to this style of product however; the television network only received a small number of complaints.

WCCW are not slackers in the character department either. 'Superstar' Steve Austin has evolved from a beer drinking redneck with an attitude to a film star as a result of appearing in several Hollywood productions. NWA Champion: Brock Lesnar is a bad ass killing machine whose actions speak louder than words. He decimates opponents typically in one/two minute matches, and is headed on a collision course with Austin. And the Rhodes in Dusty, Cody, Dustin and his wife Terri are in a continual saga where they yo-yo from happy families into being worst enemies thanks to Terri's manipulative ways.

In recent times, WCCW's top spot has been in trouble. Despite TWE lacking in a couple of departments, its soap opera/entertainment value and sheer accessibility has seen the Vince McMahon owned company loom ever closer to the coveted top spot. WCCW's policy has been to continue as normal and hope the threat goes away. But with the TWE drawing in southern audiences too, that seems unlikely. In order to maintain its 10+ year reign at the top of the mountain, WCCW needs to do something drastic to make sure it stays that way.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
WCCW Heavyweight Rocky Johnson Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WCCW Texas Heritage Chris Harris Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WCCW Television Terry Ray Gordy Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WCCW Tag Team The Brew Crew
(James Storm & Trevor Murdoch)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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