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Windy City Wrestling
Windy City Wrestling
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Chicago, Illinois


Cutting Edge

Management information
Current owner(s):

Danny Dominion

Previous owner(s):

Dave Prazak

Current booker:

Ace Steel


Based out of Chicago, Windy City Wrestling is considered "the underground movement" of the NWA. One of the most talked about lesser promotions in the NWA, their DVDs are third highest selling on Their mix of Classic American Wrestling with Hardcore Elements produces a unique blend and feel to their shows that the promotion's following loves.

Former NWA World Tag Team Champions, the Road Warriors founded WCW in 1998. Hawk and Animal where the stars of the show with them heavily being featured in the main events and even getting a NWA World Tag Team Title shot at 'Windy City Classic' but where unsuccessful.

Over time, The Road Warriors returned to touring with other NWA promotions and in 2001, sold the promotion the operators of the 'Windy City Gym,' Ace Steel and Danny Dominion, who then sold it to Dave Prazak.

With the Road Warriors gone, Prazak changed WCW's style to what we know today. Steel and Dominion battled over the WCW Heavyweight Title and introduced the WCW Junior Heavyweight Title that was won in a tournament by one of their students, CM Punk. WCW's Junior Heavyweight Division is what drew all the attention to them in 2002 with wrestlers like CM Punk, American Kickboxer, Michael Shane (now Matt Michaels) and Low Ki and (depending on who you ask) the Junior Heavyweight belt was considered more prestigious then the Heavyweight Title.

WCW is home to 'Chicago's Elite' consisting of CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Ace Steel. CM Punk holds the WCW Heavyweight Championship and has done so for a year, he has fought off challengers including his trainer Danny Dominion, Adam Pearce (who left for WCCW afterwards), Jerry Lynn and most recently AJ Styles. Punk though has everything to be worried about, as Chris Hero looks to have his number, pinning the champion in a Tag Team Match.

Windy City Wrestling can been seen via syndication around the country and most importantly in the Illinois area. Their biggest show of the year 'Windy City Classic' is only a few months away, will Hero get his title shot?


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
WCW Heavyweight Davey Richards Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WCW Light Heavyweight Flip Kendrick Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WCW Tag Team The Irish Airborn
(Dave & Jake Crist)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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