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Ric Flair Promotions
Ric Flair Promotions
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Charlotte, North Carolina




Jim Crockett Promotions

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Ric Flair

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David Flair


Jim Crockett Promotions was at one point the biggest, and undisputed best promotion under the NWA umbrella, but tragedy struck in 1975 when a plane carrying Jim Crockett, Johnny Valentine, "Mr. Wrestling I" Tim Woods, Bob Bruggers, and a young prospect in Ric Flair crashed. Flair broke his back in three places and was told that he could never compete again or risk paralysis. Crockett, feeling sympathetic about how Flair's career had been cut short hired him as apart of the booking team.

As time went on, and with pressure from the ever expanding WWF to go bigger, Crockett did just that as he put all of his money into the company, and then some. Crockett however wasn't much of a business man when it came to expanding, and in 1984 he sold the company to Ric Flair for an undisclosed sum and Flair renamed it to Ric Flair Promotions. Flair became head booker and gave a young man by the name of Sting the NWA World Heavyweight Title, and started to build his company around him. The push of Sting was a complete success, and he has since gone on to reach iconic status within not only the NWA, but the entire world of professional wrestling.

RFP carried on even when the NWA Board made the crucial decision to remove the company's exclusive rights to the NWA World Heavyweight Title, and bringing it to Canada. The promotion builds around the technical skill of a wrestler rather than the character like Vince McMahon's Titan Wrestling Entertainment. But don't be fooled into thinking character isn't important, as can be told by the reigning Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, and top draw 'Lion Heart' Chris Jericho.

The charismatic Canadian proved that he can do what the legendary Sting did the past decade and carry the promotion on his shoulders, as a matter of fact it was Jericho who "forced" 'The Man They Call' Sting to pass the torch to him on the biggest drawing show for the company since Flair took the reigns. Although Sting remains a constant threat to the title, 'Lion Heart' has new challengers coming at him left, right and center with 'Kamikaze' Ken Anderson in particular looking to be the number one challenger for Jericho's title.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
RFP Heavyweight Elijah Burke Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NWA United States Heavyweight Matt Cappotelli Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team The Rogue Raiders
(Drew McIntyre & Paul Burchill)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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Ric Flair Promotions
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