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NWA: Los Angeles
NWA Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, California


Edgy, Urban, Entertainment

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Rob Black
Lizzy Borden


Founded in 2002 out of the ashes of NWA: Golden West, NWA Los Angeles was, from the very beginning, regarded as one of the most violent, and controversial, of the NWA branches. At once an outcast and also highly regarded, the territory, in its early days, featured stars such as 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, American Love Machine, and The Masked Nazis. While the top of the card featured some of the best wrestling in the western United States, the rest of it was considered to be filled with hacks who were of a level of talent akin to 'yardtards', who cut and bled for the crowd's amusement.

Be that as it may, NWA Los Angeles was able to gain some measure of fame, or rather, infamy, through the use of controversy and the money of its owner, porn mogul Rob Black. While Black, in the early days, had a heavy hand in the day to day operation and booking of the promotion, that has since lessened considerable, most notably at the time in which Kevin Kleinrock took over as the head booker. It was in 2001 when NWA Los Angeles ran what is, to this day, considered one of the most revolting angles in professional wrestling history, when The Masked Nazis, a tag team who's gimmick was, quite obviously, that of nazi sympathizers in luchadore masks, 'murdered' a young worker of supposedly Jewish heritage (which he was not). This lead to a massive backlash on the company, as many workers left along with the fanbase. At this point, and with the urging of the NWA board, NWA Los Angeles closed down for nearly a year, before returning with Kleinrock at the helm, and Black in a purely monetary role.

Since then, the company has found a renewed sense of purpose, but has never completely left its 'ultra-violent' roots behind. It was mid-2004 when the companies biggest coup came, in the form of the decorated tag team Harlem Heat, who, after an incident in World Class Championship Wrestling, came to Los Angeles. From that point, NWA LA has ridden the rise of Booker T, who, with the retirement due to injury of his brother and tag team partner Stevie Ray, has become one of the true top stars of the NWA, although World Championship gold has eluded him. Recently, with the rising interest in the promotion, due to Booker T's rise, as well as the young guns the company has created, NWA Los Angeles has begin to cut a more favorable mark for itself, and, has, for the first time in its young history, begun to create relationships with other NWA affiliates, most notably Calgary Stampede and Athletic Arts. In fact, one of the most heated feuds in recent NWA history involves Los Angeles young gun Kaos and former Athletic Arts ace Jeff Hardy.

Former ChampionshipsEdit

Championship First Champion(s) Last Champion(s) Date Retired
Los Angeles Heavyweight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Los Angeles Television Unknown Unknown Unknown
Los Angeles King of the Deathmatch Unknown Unknown Unknown
Los Angeles Tag Team Unknown Unknown Unknown

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