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NWA: Athletic Arts
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Raleigh, North Carolina




East Coast Wrestling Association

Management information
Current owner(s):

Jim Kettner

Current booker:

Ace Darling


From its inception in 2004, Jim Kettner's NWA Athletic Arts (formerly East Coast Wrestling Association) has had a unique place among the National Wrestling Alliance. It was the place that gave career long journeymen who had been constantly overlooked and underutilized a place to finally shine. Stars such as Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, who had been deemed as "too small" to become big stars for any organization, received exposure in the small Carolina based promotion and are now some of the top ranked Junior Heavyweights in all of the National Wrestling Alliance. Athletic Arts was also the place that saw the emergence of new stars, eager and ready to prove themselves to a newer type of fanbase.

Today, many of the the top stars in the Junior Heavyweight Divisions all across the NWA at least passed through Athletic Arts. Though only Arch Kincaid, and Kevin Martel, the promotion's champion remain from the inaugural class, there is an abundance of fresh new stars ready to stake their claim at fame, with just one big win away from NWA title contention. 'The OC Boy' Aden Chambers, and Chase Del Monte are simply two of the newer stars of the exciting brand of wrestling that is Athletic Arts, driving home their motto of "Adapt, Adopt and Improve."


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
NWA Athletic Arts Heavyweight Daivari Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NWA Carolinas Austin Creed Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NWA Carolinas Tag Team Ace Darling
& Shawn Spears
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Inactive championships

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NWA: Athletic Arts
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