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Memphis Championship Wrestling
Memphis Championship Wrestling
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Memphis, Tennessee



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Current owner(s):

Jerry Lawler

Current booker:

Dutch Mantell


You can't have smoke without fire and you can't have wrestling without Memphis. Memphis Championship Wrestling is one of the oldest wrestling federations in the world since, creating a legacy admired and unmatched by the rest of the wrestling world. In fact, when the National Wrestling Alliance looked to dominate after the WWF's failings in the 80's, MCW's membership gave the NWA legitimacy, especially in the form of Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and many followed in their footsteps towards creating what the business is today.

However leading into the 21st century, they had fallen to the lower end of the top ten. The shows had always remained entertaining; the problem was that it was behind on the times. Audiences had moved on and desired either for wrestling with pure athletic ability or edgy sports entertainment. Memphis Championship Wrestling, while once cutting edge and risky, was still in the old-school, holding its events in rundown arenas, giving the spotlight to the same wrestlers who were in the spotlight five years ago, and rarely pushing the envelope.

When further cracks began to show in the Memphis Empire, it was decided there needed to be changes. They weren't prepared to emulate the trash of Titan Wrestling Entertainment – they were going to have the athletic competition instead. MCW created the Memphis City Junior Heavyweight division and brought in some of the hottest, youngest stars in the world. These days, the championship division features the likes of "The Lost Prophet" Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and much more – drawing crowds through their amazing endurance and acrobatic abilities. But MCW hasn't resorted just to being a precursor to NWA: Athletic Arts. MCW also features great Heavyweight wrestlers, the likes of former NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, The Armstrong Family, "The Music City Mastadon" Mabel and Memphis legend: Jerry "The King" Lawler. Since the changes, MCW once again looks to be a leading force.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
NWA Southern Heavyweight Christian Cage Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Memphis Junior Heavyweight Jay Lethal Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
NWA Southern Tag Team The Riggs Brothers
(Jason Riggs & Johnny Riggs)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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