Champion historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
The Quebecers
(Jacques & Pierre)
1 June 19, 1994 TBA Won tournament final over King Kong Bundy and Doink The Clown.
The Nasty Boys
(Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags)
1 November 20, 1994 TBA The Nasty Boys lead 'Team Nasty' (Brian Knobs, Jerry Sags, King Kong Bundy, Duke Droese, and Bastion Booger) to victory in a Survivor Series Match and capture the titles based upon a 'special stipulation' over The Quebecers, Aldo Montoya, and The Headshrinkers.
The Headshrinkers
(Fatu & Samu)
1 February 12, 1995 TBA TBA.
Hard Time and Justice
(Sid Justice & The Big Bossman)
1 August 13, 1995 TBA TBA.
The Godwinns
(Henry & Phineas Godwinn)
1 February 11, 1996 TBA The Godwinns defeat Billy The Kid Waltman and Shooter Holly in a tournament after the self implosion of The Big Bossman and Sid Justice forced the titles to be vacated.
Billy The Kid Waltman
& Shooter Holly
1 March 17, 1996 TBA This marks the first time that the titles change hands at a Clash of the Titans (III) event.
The Godwinns
(Henry & Phineas Godwinn)
2 June 16, 1996 TBA TBA.
The New Rockers
(Leif Cassidy & Marty Jannetty)
1 April 13, 1997 TBA TBA.
Law and Order
(The Big Bossman (2) & The Mountie (2))
1 August 24th, 1997 TBA TBA.
The Road Warriors
(Animal & Hawk)
1 November 27th, 1997 TBA TBA.
Jean Paul Levesque
& Lord Steven Regal
1 March 22, 1998 TBA TBA.
Dan Severn
& Ken Shamrock
1 January 17, 1999 TBA Shamrock and Severn hold the titles until March of 2000, when both men leave Titan Wrestling Entertainment to go back into the world of Cage Fighting. Shamrock and Severn's defenses of the titles had been sporadic at best and with their departure, the titles were suspended indefinately.
Scott Hall
& Shawn Michaels
1 March 23, 2003 TBA Michaels and Hall defeat Baldo and Glenn Goodnight at Clash of the Titans X for the newly reinstated championships.
& Glenn Goodnight
1 August 19, 2003 TBA This marks the first time the titles change hands on Tuesday Night Titans.
The Dogs of War
(Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke)
1 December 21, 2003 TBA TBA.
The Samoan Headshrinkers
1 March 21, 2004 TBA TBA.
Doink The Clown
& The Great Wight
1 October 19, 2004 TBA TBA.
The Samoan Headshrinkers
2 November 9, 2004 TBA TBA.
Doink The Clown (2)
& Glenn Goodnight (2)
1 December 19, 2004 TBA TBA.
Planet Hollywood
(John Hennigan & Matt Cappotelli)
1 February 8, 2005 TBA Planet Hollywood wins the titles in their TWE Debut.
& Mike Mizanin
1 July 17, 2005 TBA TBA.
Planet Hollywood
(John Hennigan & Matt Cappotelli)
2 August 21, 2005 TBA TBA.
Jean Paul Levesque (2)
& Shawn Michaels (2)
1 January 3, 2006 TBA Levesque and Michaels win the titles enroute to their TWE Heavyweight Title Match at The Royal Rumble, having been forced to team together by then Commissioner Roddy Piper. Levesque becomes the first man ever to hold the TWE Heavyweight Championship and TWE Tag Team Championship simultaneously.
Planet Hollywood
(John Hennigan & Matt Cappotelli)
3 January 10, 2006 TBA TBA.
Maven (2)
& Mike Mizanin (2)
2 April 23, 2006 TBA TBA.
Planet Hollywood
(John Hennigan & Matt Cappotelli)
4 September 19, 2006 TBA TBA.
The T-Birds
(Dice & Domino)
1 March 18, 2007 TBA Titles changed hands in a Four Team Match.
Big John The Lumberjack
& Doink The Clown (3)
1 May 22, 2007 TBA TBA.
Dorian Deville
& Fertig the Vampire
1 June 17, 2007 TBA TBA.
The Highlanders
(Robbie & Rory McAllister)
1 December 16, 2007 TBA TBA.
The New Millenium Rockers
(Brian Kendrick & Paul London)
1 2010 TBA

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