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Champion historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Kendo Nagasaki 1 January 8, 1988 Lethbridge, AB Defeats Chris Benoit in tournament final.
Title vacated on December 7, 1989 when Nagasaki suffers an injury and is unable to defend the title.
Jacques Rougeau, Jr. 1 March 30, 1990 Calgary, AB Rougeau defeats Keith Hart at the inagural Calgary Super Show.
Owen Hart 1 May 22, 1992 Toronto, ON TBA.
Canadian Earthquake 1 March 6, 1993 Calgary, AB TBA.
Rick Martel 1 August 14, 1993 Montreal, QB TBA.
Title is declared inactive on March 7, 1994 after Martel fails to defend it within 30 days due to injury.
Harry Smith 1 March 20, 2004 Quebec City, QB Title reactivated, Harry Smith defeats Greg Pawluk in a tournament final at Calgary Super Show XIV.
Greg Pawluk 1 June 17, 2004 Edmonton, AB TBA.
Teddy Hart 1 January 25, 2005 Saskatoon, SK TBA.
Greg Pawluk 2 April 28, 2005 Winnipeg, MB TBA.
Joe E. Legend 1 February 11, 2006 Calgary, AB TBA.
Lance Storm 1 November 24, 2006 Toronto, ON TBA.
Joe E. Legend 2 January 18, 2007 Calgary, AB TBA.
Darren Burridge 1 April 21, 2007 Ottawa, ON TBA.
Sheamus O'Shaunessy 1 2010 TBA TBA.

List of reign lengthsEdit

As of January 1, 2008
Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Darren Burridge 255 April 21, 2007 Current champion
Calgary Stampede
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