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Honolulu Championship Wrestling
Honolulu Championship Wrestling
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Honolulu, Hawaii



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Current owner(s):

Don Muraco

Current booker:

Abdullah the Butcher


'It's a Family Thing' certainly describes Honolulu Championship Wrestling, the land of sun and surf is also home to what is termed simply 'The Samoans', an extended family of grapplers who have ran and maintained the promotion in some shape or form since its foundation in 1988. With ties to both Canada and Japan, which earned the promotion the nickname of 'Gateway to the East', HCW has brought its fans both family oriented entertainment, as well as some great matches in its past. In a time of turmoil, the company is searching for a new identity, having lost its top draw in Rikishi Fatu. However, without Rikishi, Rocky Johnson, Jr., the legendary Ron Simmons and Bob "The Beast" Sapp have stepped up to the plate and regardless, the promotion still has its history and, as always, family, to fall back on.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
Hawaii Heavyweight New Jack Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
King of the Islands Black Pearl Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hawaii Tag Team The Fatu Brothers
Jey & Jimmy Fatu
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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Honolulu Championship Wrestling
Current Championships
Hawaii Heavyweight (reigns) • King of the Islands (reigns)
Hawaii Tag Team (reigns)