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Gorgeous Ladies
of the American Mat!
Gorgeous Ladies of the American Mat
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Las Vegas, Nevada


Women's Competitive

Management information
Current owner(s):

Rena Mero

Current booker:

Trish Stratus


GLAM! may only be three years old, but it has already seen controversy. Many on the NWA board opposed what would become the first ever affiliate dedicated to women's wrestling. In the end, GLAM! won the vote through the slenderest of majorities. The federation thanked the board by putting on the most baffling, shocking debut show in the history of wrestling. It featured half naked women rolling around on the canvas, a "pudding" match involving a woman with a nymphomaniac gimmick, and a segment called "Tylene Talks" where Tylene Buck interviewed the show's sponsor while licking a banana suggestively. The immediate impact saw GLAM!'s next show canceled and Rena Mero installed as owner.

Since Rena's falling out with TWE over a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2001, she has been a strong advocate of women's roles in the wrestling business. She is a firm believer that women should be wrestlers as well as eye candy. Rena fired half the original roster (most of whom were pornstars and models anyway), removed all degrading gimmicks and gimmick matches, and began booking the women just like men in other federations. Heading into 2008, GLAM! features a packed roster. The belt holders: Jazz, Beth Phoenix and April Hunter have gained a reputation for being three of the deadliest women around. And along with the likes of Alexis Laree, Nora Greenwald and Lisa Varon, they have been credited with the renaissance of women's wrestling, turning GLAM! into a credible NWA affiliate.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
REAL World Women's Jazz Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GLAM! Tag Team Built For Speed
(Christie Ricci & Stephanie Benoccio)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Inactive championships GLAM!

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Gorgeous Ladies of the American Mat!
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