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Championship Wrestling from Florida
Championship Wrestling from Florida
Promotion information



June 1997

Founded by:

Kevin Sullivan


Tampa, Florida



Management information
Current owner(s):

Kevin Sullivan

Current booker:

Dean Malenko


When "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan retired from in-ring action, he was offered a booker role with the company he had been faithful to for ten years in Ric Flair Promotions. He decided to turn it down, wanting to reform his own federation back in his native state of Florida instead. Championship Wrestling from Florida had its first show in June 1997, drawing 1000 people, an amazing number considering how small the company was. This was thanks to how CWF was (and still is) the first wrestling company to originate from Florida.

Show one saw a tournament to crown the first Florida Southern Heavyweight Champion, won by Lex Luger. The event was seen as a success as show two drew 250 more people. But from that point, everything went downhill. Inspired by his old gimmick, Kevin Sullivan adopted a sports entertainment approach by bringing in a group known as "The Master's Lair", a bunch of 6"6, 300lbs plus monsters with cartoonish Halloween gimmicks looking to control the entire NWA through evil trickery. The Florida natives weren't impressed by grown men pretending to be creatures of the night, never mind their ability to defeat the (more over) good guys all the time. By the Halloween event in 1998, CWF were drawing just 150 people, and had lost its frustrated top stars like Lex Luger, Barry Windham and The Road Warriors. Always one to make things go out with a bang, Sullivan finally killed off The Master's Lair when their mystic energies were "literally" consumed by the new monster heel: Yokozuna. Yokozuna helped CWF during its two year transition period as champion, raising the average attendance number slightly by squashing his competition like a bug. But when Yokozuna seriously injured a young enhancement talent after a Banzai Drop, he was released on the grounds of being a liability due to his weight.

Meanwhile Kevin Sullivan would stumble upon a person who would change CWF to the product it still is today – Carlos Colón. Colón had links all over America and the Caribbean, and a deal was eventually struck for him to bring stars into CWF. There was only one condition: Colon's son of the same name would be pushed to the moon to make him ready for the big leagues. Sullivan agreed and as a result, the company radically changed into a mix of classic American and Caribbean wrestling, built around wrestlers of the present and future. With stars like Carlos Colón, Jr., Dean Malenko, Lash LeRoux and The Samoan Headshrinkers – Championship Wrestling from Florida has steadily gained popularity and a fanbase. Heading into 2008, things look bright in the sunshine state.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
Florida Southern Heavyweight Roderick Strong Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Florida Television Chasyn Rance Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Florida Southern Tag Team Los Colóns
(Eddie Colón & Orlando Colón)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

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